If we go back in time, it would feel incredible to say that catering as an alternative to host a feast dates back from China a few thousands of years in the past. At first, it was not meant to be a business, but through time the need for reliable means to regain energy in the Silk Road gave rise to increasing the popularity of catering as an economic enterprise. Roman, greeks, and even medieval monks had their own influence in how catering was perceived throughout history, and it is recorded how Alexis Benoit Soyer, a cook, writer, and inventor of cooking equipment, used a type of boiler as a heater to maintain food warm for a longer time.

Nowadays, catering is the name given to a very special food and drinks service directed towards an institution or a collectivity and providing a series of dishes in all types of modern events including familiar encounters, shows, academic talks, and company meetings. But what are the requirements to start this type of business?

Are there any requirements to start a catering business?

Since this type of business is very wide, and each variant of catering has different requirements, if we are trying to start a successful enterprise, it is important to think about a few recommendations to make it successful. We need to have a business plan with a strategy in mind taking into consideration the audience you want to reach, the legal aspect of this business, some personnel considerations, and the expenditures associated with this business.

To start with, it is important to study what’s the most significant need in the area, the competitors and providers already active in the catering business. With this in mind, you will have a clear view of what is best to offer, and it will be different to work in catering as a delivery service, in events, for companies, institutions, or as a part of the hospitality industry.

What about equipment for catering?

When it comes to equipment, there are two things you need to keep in mind: You have tips for buying obvious equipment like knives and pans, and there are certain things people would usually forget or leave to the last minute, and you should not make that mistake. It would be better to be guided by someone who already knows about it and can assist you with your choices. Many catering equipment suppliers in Australia do that as well, and some of them have been in the market for many years, as in the case of AGC Equipment, which provides high-quality equipment to cook and display your culinary masterpieces.

Remember you will need a lot of personnel using more than two knives. Since you’re buying a myriad of cooking utensils, it will be easy to cheap them out. Don’t do that. Quality counts in this business, and you would lose extra time with cheap knives and extra money to replace a cheap spatula that couldn’t stand the pressure of your catering business.

You will also need plenty of storage containers, and they are quite important, but nobody will see them, and they will serve the same purpose whatever the brand it is. So, don’t spend too much on Tupperware.

On the other hand, most people starting their own catering business seem to focus on kitchen equipment and do not remember they are also meant to serve food as well. And what’s more, the equipment they use to serve is the one that leaves an impression to their customers. So, don’t go cheap when buying your cutlery, crockery, serviettes, and glasses, and keep in mind you will serve a large audience, and you don’t want your diners to see a mismatch in their knives and forks.

Ismael González Serrano
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