Now Open28 January 2019

Fair Oaks Farms opens Fairfield by Marriott®

Now open – 31 Rooms

Fair Oaks Farms opened this month its first overnight accommodations, the very special 99 room Fairfield by Marriott®, Fair Oaks Farms.

  • The Hotel combines Marriott’s sterling global brand for the highest standards in hospitality, with hundreds of acres of Fair Oaks Farms’ country context, one-of-a-kind agritourism attractions, and food and beverage offerings.
  • The exterior design of the Hotel is that of an 80-foot tall contemporary barn, an adjoining single story stone “milking parlor” inhabited by the Pool Party & Fitness amenities, and two large silos filled with unique guest suites; all topped with three handcrafted weathervanes.
  • Well beyond the traditional lobby and breakfast room, the Hotel features a Great Room with a full range of comfortable seating, device power stations, two pool tables, a 2,100 sq. ft. patio, and both indoor and outdoor fireplaces.
  • The Fairfield Inn by Marriott®, Fair Oaks Farms features 31 suites, 11 of which are custom designed by Fair Oaks Farms, including four 471 sq. ft. Family Bunk Silo Suites, two 505 sq. ft. Bridal Silo Suites, two 505 sq. ft.Business Silo Suites, and three 548 sq. ft. Entertainment Suites that can be configured into three-room compounds sharing a single private entry vestibule. Adding even more flexibility for our guests, 23 of the suites can sleep six people.
  • The Hotel directly connects to Fair Oaks Farms 17,000 sq. ft. Farmhouse Restaurant, Conference Center & Pub, making the total combination of hospitality an opportunity for complete dining and private event services.
  • The Hotel’s custom designed public spaces and bedrooms are filled with agri Culture, commissioned art from three nationally acclaimed artists – New Mexico-based painter of fluid abstracts, Michael Kessler; Chicago-based art photographer, JD Dennison; and Montana-based painter of supersaturated realism, R. Tom Gilleon.