Pipeline 1 February 2019

Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore Opens Doors for Daily Stays

Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore, an award-winning luxury serviced apartment in the heart of Singapore’s vibrant Central Business District, is pleased to announce that daily stays are available for reservations now. The property has successfully obtained a hotel license whereupon the guests are no longer required to have a minimum of six nights stay.

“Opened in mid-2017, Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore has always catered to discerning long-stay business and leisure travellers. With the growth in visitor arrivals for recreational travel to Singapore, and the fine line between accommodation for commercial and leisure travel, we see the potential for daily stays for travellers who appreciate the spaciousness, convenience and facilities of a serviced apartment that comes with the full suite of hotel luxuries. This is part of our strategy to diversify and grow our customer base to attract short- or weekend-stay guests to meet the changing demands of the travel industry,” said Roy Liang, General Manager, Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore.