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eZee announced 2-way integration of their channel manager,  eZee Centrix with Airbnb in last September. Post that, both the industry leaders have come a long way to establish their connectivity in the hotel market. That and plenitude of dedicated efforts have made the global hospitality technology provider, eZee, an an Airbnb Preferred Software Partner today.

This 2-way connectivity has helped a plethora of hotels to be aware of Airbnb and the benefits that listing on Airbnb bring; along with managing their availability and bookings through eZee’s stable channel manager.

eZee have successfully fulfilled all the requirements set forth by the hospitality service marketplace; in terms of providing the full suite of Airbnb functionality, technology stability, as well as regular updates in their connectivity. This title will not only assist eZee in reaching more number of hotels, but also substantiate Airbnb deeper into the hotel market.

On this occasion,  Harshdeep Khatri, the Chief Technology Officer of eZee, commented, “At eZee, we believe in going extra mile in any project that we take up. Working with Airbnb has been a tremendous journey. We have learned a lot, and the experience has been no less than an adventure. And this feat is just the beginning of this adventure. I’m sure, both the teams are equally excited to take this at its best.”

The full and real-time connectivity will also let the users manage their Airbnb messages and promotions right from the channel manager; apart from managing their rates and availability on their Airbnb listings.

The company is consistently working with regional and global industry leaders to provide the best to their users, ever since its inception. Their undying passion and persistent innovation is what has earned eZee this title of an Airbnb Preferred Software Partner.

About eZee:

eZee Technosys is one of the few complete hospitality IT solutions providers in the world offering solutions that cover hotel management, booking management, online room distribution, restaurant management, guest feedback, and hotel mobile apps, eZee develops on-premise along with cloud-based solutions as well as mobile applications for eZee solutions.

Founded in 2005, today eZee along with 200+ partner serves more than 13,000 clients in more
than 160 countries across the globe. Visit eZee’s corporate website.

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