Guestband announces the launch of its new service for hotels and resorts around the world. Through the use of next generation wearable technology, holidaymakers can now create a tapestry of interactions during their vacation that lead to better experiences and give resort owners valuable insights into the use of their facilities.

Various Guestband productsGuests can be welcomed by name as they enter restaurants and entitlements checked automatically, freeing up resources and improving the guest experience. Valuable usage data is created at the same time so resort managers can see how many people visit each facility, the time they do it, and how long they spend there – data that is simply not available with traditional systems.

For families with children, this means parents can check where their family members are at any time. It also means staff can locate parents of lost children and, in case of emergency, see any pertinent medical conditions.

The reason this is possible is because, unlike other solutions that only unlock rooms and add services to bills, Guestbands have additional technology that allows them to be located around the resort.

Guestband is the result of founder and Managing Director Joe Buckhurst’s 25 years’ experience in creating and deploying interactive technology at venues all around the world.

“Wristbands that just open doors are merely a change in form, not in function. By adding another layer of interaction we feel Guestband offers fantastic benefits to both the end user – the guest – and the resort itself,” he explains. “Although it began as a solution aimed at families, it quickly became clear that Guestband can help operators provide a service that exceeds guest expectations right across their resort.”

“Behind the scenes Guestband has clever software with predictive analytics to see usage and identify patterns that can be of interest to the resort owner. It’s a tool that can spot an issue before it is actually noticed by guests and therefore allows managers to be proactive in their daily operations.”

Guestband offer a free trial installation under no obligation that includes a site survey and detailed report into the areas that could see benefits from its location-based solutions.

More information can be found on the website

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