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As hoteliers prioritize not only in catching the market share but also ensuring their existing guest continue returning; an increased level of personalization emerges as the critical factor for both hoteliers and guests. Artificial intelligence, machine learning has the ability to gather information to influence particular recommendations, to suggest trips, or up-sell and cross-sell additional services and educate and train itself how to enhance guest experience. It does through the tracking and analyzing of information over several properties, based on geography, guest history, booking preference, interactions on website, conversions and more.

Presently these gadgets are getting to be omnipresent in hotels, revolutionizing guest services and different capacities that enhance the guest experience.

This following sneak peek is key research findings on what hoteliers consider when it comes to artificial intelligence to enhance the guest experience.

 [INFOGRAPHIC] How Artificial Intelligence Enhances the Guest Experience

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About mycloud Hospitality

mycloud (award-winning hotel software) has been developed by Prologic First, an independent, private company with over a decade and a half’s experience delivering end to end technology solutions to the hospitality industry across the UK, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Prologic First’s “WISH” brand is used across 30 plus countries by over 1,600 clients representing the “who’s who” of the industry. Some of our most popular and most adopted solutions like “WISH”, “Touché” & Web Prol’IFIC. Our technological leaders and best in class solutions in the market place, offering some of the most advanced features to hospitality professionals.

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