Starbucks Brews Up New Technology Innovations With Help From Microsoft

Technology innovation is nothing new at Starbucks. The ubiquitous coffee house has a long history of tackling big ideas and forward-thinking solutions across both the digital and non-digital landscape. It has been said that the chain, which now operates over 30,000 locations worldwide, keeping more than 100 million customers sufficiently well-caffeinated on a weekly basis, is as much a tech company as a coffee company.

Over the past decade, Starbucks has taken the lead on pioneering a host of technology-enabled initiatives. To name just a few: As early as 2008, the company was experimenting with a crowdsourcing community website to collect customer ideas and feedback. In 2010, it was named the most popular social media brand.

In 2011, following a successful two-year pilot, Starbucks launched a nationwide mobile payment app and the nation’s largest mobile payment program. Later that year, it launched the Starbucks Card eGift feature, which was the first program of its kind.

Starbucks was also among the first national chains to offer free, unlimited Wi-Fi in all its locations. In 2014, it announced a plan to install 100,000 wireless chargers in more than 7,500 of its stores. In 2015, it launched Mobile Order & Pay nationally in the U.S., building customer loyalty through order-ahead functionality. And the list goes on.

Now the list is about to grow with a new series of first-of-its-kind restaurant innovations.

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Research: How Restaurant Technology Can Increase Productivity and Stimulate Growth

With everything becoming more digital focused thanks to technological developments, organisations are taking advantage of software solutions and other systems which streamline operations. Many operators within the restaurant sector however, are still trying to do everything themselves when they could use technology programs as a solution.

From an integrated kitchen management system and menu engineering, to customer loyalty and online payment tools, right through to staff training and providing an enhanced employee experience, introducing software will reduce the need for manual tasks and give restaurant operators freedom to do more.

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TransAct Enhances Its Restaurant Product Suite With Back-of-House Automation App

TransAct Technologies announced today the debut of BOHA! Timer, its latest addition to the BOHA! ecosystem of cloud-based SaaS apps and hardware solutions that are helping restaurant and food service companies manage their back-of-house operations. BOHA! Timer complements the wide range of existing BOHA! apps and adds to the value of the company’s single-vendor solution.

BOHA! Timer is an easy to use application that allows back-of-house staff to create timers on the BOHA! Tablet for cooked, cooled and prepared food items as well as for non-food items that require time tracking and tasks such as sanitization and cleaning. Alarms from expired timers are designed to be loud enough for staff to hear in a busy kitchen and timers allow for easy resets to improve continuous use.

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How Technology Helps Give Your Restaurant Employees What They Want

How do you keep your employees engaged and ready to work? What keeps them happy enough to stick around?  These are questions every restaurant brand should ask themselves. At a time when turnover and labor costs have reached critical levels of concern, brands must account for the employee experience. Any technology …

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Avery Dennison Introduces Solutions That Harness The Power of Shared Data, Allowing Restaurants to “Futurize” Operations for a Connected Supply Chain

A global leader in materials science, printing technologies, RFID solutions and manufacturing, Avery Dennison is taking a bold step into the future of food that will allow restaurants, grocery and convenience stores to address current needs and meet future challenges with holistic, scalable solutions for a connected supply chain. Avery Dennison Freshmarx® technology harnesses the power of accurate, shared data to enable labor efficiency, food safety, sustainability and enhance the consumer experience.

The Freshmarx expanding suite of software and hardware solutions is built on scalable technology that is designed to meet the unique challenges and ever-changing needs of food establishments. Connecting front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house operations, Avery Dennison capabilities utilize data to connect all the links of the food supply chain…

How Card-Not-Present Fraud and Chargebacks Impact Restaurant Operators

It used to be that grabbing food from a nearby restaurant was a straightforward process, at least as far as payments are concerned. The customer calls in an order, then pays in person when picking it up. Now, new payments technologies provide myriad options for ordering dinner.

More and more restaurants offer delivery and “buy-online, pick up in-store,” or BOPUS, as it’s increasingly described. Many even have their own branded mobile app to streamline the customer experience.

This online and mobile ordering technology offers new opportunities for customer engagement in the restaurant environment. Customers can simply order and pay with a few clicks. They can easily customize items, participate in loyalty programs and learn about promotions and new items. Buyers can even save payment information and favorite items to their personal profiles for faster checkout with less friction.

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