Hospitality Technology Next Generation

Hospitality Technology Next Generation’s (HTNG’s) NFC Contactless Payments Workgroup publishes a white paper to provide an overview of EMV contactless payment technology for the hospitality industry.

NFC contactless payments include, but are not limited to, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Samsung Pay. Among hospitality brands, there has been an uneven acceptance of these contactless payment methods, which causes an inconsistent payment experience throughout the industry. This conflict often results in a negative customer experience and the uncertainty for brands to continue to use this type of payment in the future.

The NFC Contactless Payments White Paper will help hospitality brands better understand the contactless payments-enabled solutions currently available and help drive other solutions to accept contactless payments. The document takes readers through benefits of contactless payments, how these payments work, how to get started and additional resources.

The NFC Contactless Payments Workgroup was led by Ryan Ahern, payments solutions manager of Ingenico and Michael Chall, senior director, global technology partnerships of Visa.

To download HTNG’s NFC Contactless Payments White Paper, please click here.

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