Smartbnb, the short-term rental guest experience solution, recently announced the launch of a major upgrade in its product. The update comes in response to significant growth in the vacation rental industry and user demand. Smartbnb recently passed the $120K mark in monthly recurring revenue after only two years from its launch.


The new Smartbnb brings a broad line-up of experience and technical optimizations, including a rebranded interface; a range of new Operations features; improved connections to Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO; and the addition of many personalization options in automated messaging.

Smartbnb was created by Pierre-Camille Hamana, a Parisian entrepreneur who took it upon himself to improve guest query response times for his own B&B business. The product uses machine learning to recognize common guest questions and, depending on set-up, suggests relevant answers or responds instantly. Smartbnb has expanded since its launch from a communications tool to a full guest experience solution.

On the occasion of the launch of the new Smartbnb, Pierre-Camille said: “At the core of this upgrade is our ambition to help short-term rental businesses scale massively without adding to their resource constraints. We have seen clients cut the time they spend doing ‘admin’ guest operations in half, just on their first month of using Smartbnb. We know this upgrade will amplify precisely that kind of efficiency.”

Marii Ojastu, Head of Customer Support at Smartbnb, added: “We’ve received incredible feedback from the upgrade’s beta users. One of our longest standing clients even called it ‘life-changing.’ It’s so encouraging to see this kind of response because we know we’re working on a product that’s genuinely improving our clients’ lives and also helping them create magical experiences for their guests.”

A full rebrand and new website also accompany Smartbnb’s upgrade. Learn more about Smartbnb and view the brand new site at or visit the page introducing the new features:

About Smartbnb

Smartbnb is the guest experience and operations solution for short term rentals. It connects natively with Airbnb, HomeAway and Vrbo, and allows hosts to automate a vast part of their property management activities. Features include messaging automation, question detection with machine learning features, unified inbox and calendar, and team task delegation. Learn more at