SAN FRANCISCO July 15, 2019 – Revinate, the software as a service (SaaS) company that helps hoteliers make the most of every guest, today released its 2019 Global Hotel Marketing Benchmark Report. Now in its second year, this industry barometer report analyzes 226 million emails from properties of all sizes and across all regions to help hoteliers understand marketing benchmarks in the industry. For hotels that are investing in CRM and marketing automation, the news is great; Email marketing continues to drive powerful results as customer engagement improves year over year.


In particular, the ability to effectively segment proved to be a major differentiator for hoteliers. Hotels who sent segmented campaigns to 5,000 or fewer recipients see significantly higher open rates (23.54% vs 9.76%), click-through rates (3.12% vs 1.08%), and conversions (0.32% vs 0.07%) than campaigns with more than 50,000 recipients.

Hoteliers across all regions are finding tremendous success with automated emails, timed to particular events in the booking process. Pre-arrival emails get a global open rate of 60.53% and a CTR of 30.26%. Because of this email’s strong performance, savvy, data-driven hoteliers are using the pre-arrival email to drive additional revenue by including targeted upgrade offers in the email.

The report also shows that booking windows are decreasing, with 34% of global reservations made 0-6 days before the stay, although there are significant regional differences. Hotels in the Middle East and Africa have 64% of reservations coming in 0-6 days before the stay. DACH countries have the longest booking windows with only 26% of reservations made in the 0-6 day window.

According to Marc Heyneker, Co-founder and CEO of Revinate, “This report is a great resource for hoteliers looking to understand the latest trends and benchmark to improve their email marketing practices. It gives them the information they need, such as the best time and day to send emails, to optimize their performance to drive ROI and benchmarks to measure their progress.”

Download the complete 2019 Marketing Benchmark Report for trends, best practices and to see a breakdown of important metrics by region.

About Revinate:

The Revinate guest data platform is built to help hotels know, earn, and delight valuable guests like never before. We make it easy to build richer, more personalized relationships with your guests. Revinate counts tens of thousands of the world’s leading hotels as customers and has won numerous awards for its Software-as-a-Service solutions, including 2019’s Top Rated Email Marketing and CRM Product by Hotel Tech Report. We make technology work for your hotel, so you can make the most of every guest.

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