AUSTIN, Texas – Optii Solutions, the provider of the most advanced labor optimization solution for hotel housekeeping teams, is announcing the integration of its housekeeping software with Control4 by SuiteControl, the leading provider of guest room automation systems for the hotel industry.


The integration went live at the InterContinental Hayman Island Resort and provides the hotel with the seamless updating of ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ‘Make Up Room’ requests directly to Optii Keeper, which in turn optimizes the room attendants’ boards. All updates are tracked and optimized, which results in additional labour efficiencies, reduced costs, and better service quality.

“Optii Keeper enables housekeeping managers to streamline the productivity of the largest controllable expense line item in the hotel, thereby directly impacting the bottom-line. At the same time, we help the hotel in delivering an enhanced guest experience. Integrating with a leading system such as SuiteControl allows us to further automate our solution to allow managers to focus on the team members and guests” said Ray Pawlikowski, CEO of Optii Solutions.

“The Control4 Suite enables hotels to add efficiencies and service improvements by allowing user-friendly interaction of the guest with the room, enabling the hotel to save energy while raising service levels at the same time. The interface with Optii Keeper further adds to the automation and service enhancements provided to hotels,” adds George Nikols, CEO of SuiteControl. “Our in-house iPad solution delivers the ultimate guest experience via a visual and simple way to order room service and book activities, view information about the hotel and facilitating personal contact between the hotel and guest. “

About Optii Solutions

Headquartered in Austin, USA, Optii Solutions was founded in 2006 by hospitality professionals who recognized the need for innovation in housekeeping management methodology. Today, the business’s core focus is optimizing Housekeeping functions in hotels via Optii Keeper, its unique and peerless solution which integrates seamlessly with property management systems. Optii creates improvements at every level of Housekeeping operations with its easy-to-use, automated and real-time management solution.

Backed by investments from Thayer Ventures, Kinetic Ventures, and HOF Capital, the company services large international hotel clients throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

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About Suite Control

Suite Control offers the best in guest room automation and energy management solutions for the Hospitality Industry. Integrated with the Control4 system, it provides flexible solutions that provide significant cost savings and give hotels the edge in providing a superb guest experience. Based in Sydney Australia, the company provides solutions to hotels throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

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