SkiftX recently published The Transformative Role of Design in Hospitality in partnership with Accor Group. The trend report takes a close look at design’s principal role in hospitality and its future. For more insights, explore the full report here.

Accor’s unique design approach inspires the company’s mindset that hotels don’t exist just to serve their guests, but must cater to the full picture of people’s complex, 24/7 lives. In this way, the executive leaders at Accor understand that for travelers in the modern world, serving up a bed and a continental breakfast just doesn’t cut it anymore. Consumers today demand hospitality experiences that are personalized, immersive, and more design-forward than ever before. That’s why Accor incorporates design into every aspect of its business.

We talked to Steven Taylor, Accor’s chief marketing officer, about how Accor thinks about design, how the brand is breaking away from standardized hospitality codes to become blended living spaces, and how this drives customer loyalty.