As a hotelier, there’s not much that’s more important to your business than guest satisfaction. It drives rate, fills rooms, improves rankings, and keeps your property ahead of the competition. 

But with conflicting priorities, it’s not always easy to keep guest satisfaction center stage. We’ve found some ways that you can improve guest satisfaction that are simple to execute and guaranteed to give you results.

Personalise their experience

The most important element in communicating with guests is making sure the messages feel personal. Your guests will respond best when it’s clear that you have taken the time know them and treat them as individuals. Try sending personalised emails to guests based off of where they are in their life cycle, how loyal of a guest they are and other factors you may know about them i.e. where they are from, when they like to stay, packages they like to book, etc.

Implement in-room technology

Technology that is being developed for hotels these days is a game-changer for the industry. An example is the smart room keys, which allows your guests to simply swipe open their hotel room door with the use of their smart phone. The use of tablets in guest rooms has also helped the communication between guests and the front desk. Travelers can also make pre-payments to local attractions or in-house amenities ahead of time, which is a big time-saver for both the guest and hotel. Many hotels are adding virtual assistance such as Alexa,Google home for room service,etc.

Reward repeat guests

Building customer loyalty is important to any hotel’s success, and yet in today’s competitive market loyalty is becoming harder and harder to maintain.

Providing guests with a little extra, by offering a few services for free, can help endear guests to you and your brand. Offering complimentary services is an effective strategy for providing customer service that guests will go home and tell their friends about — or better yet, share on social media. It can be as simple as offering free Wi-Fi or a free shuttle to the airport or to local attractions.

Other simple things can be done to build customer loyalty and consequently, increasing customer satisfaction. For instance, remembering special occasions such as birthdays or giving personalized promotions and discounts.

Always respond to guest feedback (even the negative)!

Why is responding to guest reviews important? According to a research by TripAdvisor, 87% of travelers agree that a right response from the hotel management to a bad review improves their impression of the hotel. With online reviews playing a bigger role in the decision-making process when travelers scout for hotels, it is more important for you as hoteliers to manage your online reputation better by responding to reviews.

Actively solicit and respond to guest feedback. When you accept and promote your online reviews, you are showing other travellers that you value the opinion of your guests and that you are willing to go the extra mile to deliver superior customer service.

STAAH’s product, ReviewMinder is a review management system, which alerts you to new online reviews across multiple sites so you don’t miss any! It monitors sites such as Google, TripAdvisor, and And because the reviews are sitting all on one dashboard, you can reply to the reviews in one place!

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