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  • The Hinfo Digital Hotel Solution now covers languages spoken by 65% of Australia’s international tourists.
  • Translating compendium information has never been easier with the addition of Auto Translate.
  • Hinfo addresses many limitations found with other compendium solutions in a digital hotel solution with no hotel tablets required.

App IT Byte (app-it-bite like appetite) is leading the way for digital hotel solutions that do not require a hotel tablet in every room. Today we are releasing our next major upgrade of our Hinfo (hin-fo) digital hotel solution, which further improves communication with all guests during their stay. Version 2 of Hinfo adds several enhancements, including a personalized look for each property and support for multiple languages with an auto translate service, which also applies to guest instant messaging.

We live in a world now more than ever where everybody is using their own devices when on the go, to access detailed information and communicate with others.

Almost all digital solutions for hotels today require properties to provide an in-room tablet in every room. With 3.7 billion smartphones and tablets actively used worldwide we asked ourselves, why not use the guests own devices? This motivated us to develop Hinfo for properties of all sizes and address the limitations found in all other solutions.

We are always open to suggestions for how we can continue to improve the Hinfo service. The most requested feature we had, is to allow each property to use their own colours to match their branding. Hinfo now allows every property to have its own colours and fonts.

Besides English, Hinfo now supports Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Malay and Hindi. The time and cost to translate your compendiums would be prohibitive, which is why we’ve added an Auto Translate service to Hinfo. Properties can now translate from English to any language we support in a matter of minutes, not a week per language.

With Auto Translate, supporting multiple languages is now more viable than ever before. Auto Translate takes just a few minutes not over a weeks per language, is a fraction of the cost compared to manually translating details and is just as accurate as a human translator.

We also saw an opportunity to expand our Auto Translate service into our Ask Reception Messaging service where guests can ask reception staff a question without having to go to the property’s reception in-person. International guests can now send a message in their own language (if supported) and it will translate to English for reception. When reception responds, the message will then convert to the guests preferred language.

These are just some of the major enhancements we are rolling out today. Hinfo addresses the limitations of other guest solutions including them being restricted to the guest’s room, very slow to update details and requiring dedicated resources and hardware such as hotel tablets to deliver these details. To learn more about Hinfo, please visit the App IT Byte website link below to learn how we developed Hinfo to be the best guest communication tool for any property size.


About App IT Byte

We are an Australian owned I.T. software innovator based in Melbourne.

App IT Byte solves real industry problems, by building smart and efficient solutions that create new opportunities not previously possible.

Our Hinfo service is an example of how we are in business, to explore what smart devices are capable of and create new experiences that our clients love to use.

App IT Byte stands for being innovative, creative and efficient, and we reflect these values in our products and services.

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