Corporate Social Responsibility in the food area – as part of its group-wide sustainability strategy, Deutsche Hospitality will ensure that all eggs and egg products used in its European hotels are sourced from barn hens by the end of 2019. This will be a minimum requirement. The new regulation will apply to all of Deutsche Hospitality’s brands and hotels regardless of the type of contractual arrangements that are in place. The regulation excludes all forms of cage keeping and also applies to hotels that reopen. Deutsche Hospitality will become the first European hotel chain to have introduced such a changeover in Europe by the end of the present year.


All Deutsche Hospitality brands and hotels will have made the global switch to cage-free eggs and egg products by 2025. This global policy also excludes any form of cage rearing and will apply to all new hotels opened.

Higher standards already apply in many hotels thanks to the initiative shown by the responsible staff locally. All hotels in Austria, for example, only source their eggs from producers with standards of animal welfare above barn egg farming.

This represents an important step within the sustainability strategy adopted by Deutsche Hospitality as an umbrella brand as the group seeks to bring about positive ecological change at an international level. A further and wider objective is to help encourage the responsible consumption of foodstuffs.

About Deutsche Hospitality

Deutsche Hospitality brings together five separate hotel brands under a single umbrella. Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts has 60 hotels housed in historic traditional buildings and lively city residences and also offers health and beauty oases set at the very heart of nature. MAXX by Steigenberger is a new and charismatic concept which places the focus on the essential in accordance with its motto “MAXXimize your stay”. Jaz in the City branded hotels reflect metropolitan lifestyle and draw upon the local music and cultural scene. IntercityHotel offers more 40 upper mid-range urban hotels, all of which are located within easy walking distance of railway stations or airports. And Zleep Hotels – a well-known and successful hotel brand in Scandinavia which offer service and design at a great rate for the many. The portfolio of Deutsche Hospitality currently includes almost 150 hotels on three continents 30 of which are in the pipeline.