London, UK – Triometric, the leading provider of API traffic monitoring and search intelligence for online travel distributors, today announced that it is collaborating with Juniper, a leading booking engine platform and travel service provider headquartered in the travel technology hub of Palma, Mallorca. Both companies have extensive experience in delivering their respective travel technology to large and small travel distributors around the globe.


This collaboration brings together the complementary strengths of Juniper’s comprehensive automated booking engine and Triometric’s proven real-time API analytics platform. Trio is being offered as a value added analytics service to complement Juniper’s flexible booking environment. This analytics service gives Juniper web service clients detailed visibility into all of their search and booking data. In addition to core services such as platform and business operational tracking, the real time detail focuses in on important areas such as client activity, and product availability. The service can also overlay detailed financial booking data with traffic analysis to deliver detailed profitability insights. With this new access, Juniper’s clients can translate this actionable information into revenue wins.

Working together, Juniper and Triometric will enable existing Juniper customers to smoothly implement the Trio analytics service. Juniper facilitates access to the client’s API traffic at its data centre, while Trio provides the API monitoring and analytics service from its cloud-based analytics platform. Subscribers benefit from fast, scalable and actionable insights into the key pre-configured performance metrics of their operation via dashboards, alerts and reports. These insights deliver clear ROI by improving look-to-book conversions as a direct result of better client management and optimised product availability and pricing.

Using the Trio analytics software as a service solution, clients benefit from an easy to use, self-service solution, without the costs or complexity of traditional business intelligence approaches and without the need for dedicated data analysts. An early adopter of the Trio analytics service is Fastpayhotels, a fast growing and innovative hotel distributor using the Juniper booking platform. As a relative newcomer in a crowded market, Fastpayhotels’ experienced management team recognised that access to key real-time performance metrics is increasingly important as a competitive differentiator. After only a short period, Trio analytics is helping Fastpayhotels’ business team improve error reporting and identify search and booking patterns that aid inventory planning and customer acquisition.

“Juniper is delighted to be working with Triometric to help bring industry leading travel analytics to our customers. Triometric brings a wealth of experience, credibility, and strategic thinking that complements our market approach,” said Jaime Sastre, CEO at Juniper Technology.

“We have a lot of synergy with Juniper in terms of the markets that we target and the importance that we place on high quality service delivery and we are delighted with our early achievements with Fastpayhotels.” Said Matthew Goulden, CEO of Triometric. “We look forward to working with Juniper to bring valuable API intelligence to many more online travel distributors.”

About Juniper

Established in 2003, Juniper is a leading provider of technology platforms and solutions to the Travel Industry, with over 300 customers in over 40 countries worldwide. The company provides its clients with distribution platforms customized to their requirements, and tools that allow them to automate the processes on the different sales channels. Juniper Booking Engine is the leading distribution technology platform, while Cangooroo Booking Engine is a modular solution designed for tourism intermediaries. Juniper Hub is the connection system for accommodation suppliers. The company is headquartered in Palma de Mallorca and has offices in USA, Colombia, Brazil, Dubai and Thailand.
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About Triometric

Triometric is a specialist provider of API traffic business intelligence and operational analytics to the online travel industry. Triometric technology helps customers manage complex distribution dynamics by giving them deep insight into their search and booking traffic. Currently the company’s systems process over 3 billion transactions every day. This actionable intelligence enables them to improve their business performance by reducing costs and increasing revenue. Our technology is used by some of the largest and most innovative companies engaged in online travel including Hotelbeds, Bonotel, Marriott and Miki Travel. For more information see