RoomKeyPMS announces the launch of its new product, RoomKeyPMS Payments, a simplified PMS payment processing solution engineered for hotels.

This product is a perfect solution for any hotels looking to take the complexity out of payment processing, speed up reconciliations or increase payment security and compliance, all integrated within the RoomKeyPMS platform.

Tim Major, Executive Vice President of RoomKeyPMS, comments “The ability for hotels to efficiently manage payments and transactions is critical.  Our customers’ feedback was consistent: hotel-specific needs were not being adequately met by general point-of-sale or retail focused payment companies either because they lacked features or customer service was not readily available when challenges arose. This product addresses those needs.”

RoomKeyPMS Payments has been designed as a hotel-centric solution to simplify the entire payments process and benefit hoteliers in the following ways:

Save time with one solution and one team: integrated within the RoomKeyPMS platform, the unified tool automates batching and night audit procedures, reducing payment discrepancies and reconciliation errors.

Integrated reconciliation report: with no need for a secondary 3rd party portal, the batch reconciliation report is available directly within the RoomKeyPMS platform, allowing hoteliers to scan and compare RoomKeyPMS and credit card processor batches, and quickly drill down to spot imbalances, map and reconcile. See report details at:

Protect your hotel and guests: tokenization and EVM / Chip-and-PIN compliance will keep your hotel PCI DSS compliant and keep your guests’ information safe.

Use one reliable product: simplified into a single account that works with your bank, RoomKeyPMS Payments is quick and easy to implement, and handles all credit card types via swipe, dip and tap through innovative POS devices.

Jimi Yamashita, Director of Customer Service, goes on to add, “Our customers really value our team members because they are true partners in helping them run their hotel operations.  Extending our platform to incorporate payments makes total sense and prevents the hotel from getting stuck in the middle between us and a 3rd party software vendor.”

Colin Kelso, VP of Product, comments further, “Our product team did an exceptional job to bring this product to market and to deliver a unique embedded reconciliation report that allows night auditors and owners to remain in the PMS to reconcile PMS batches to those completed by the processor.  Our continued focus on innovative payment features like this will reduce errors and ensure hotels are keeping as much cash in their pockets and time on the clock as possible.”

To learn more about RoomKeyPMS Payments, take advantage of initial launch pricing, and how you can simplify your payment processing, visit our website at or contact sales directly at 1-800-234-5695 or by email at

Media Contact:

Tim Major, Executive Vice President and General Manager / RoomKeyPMS

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