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Research: 69% of Travelers Say Hotels Aren’t Investing Enough In Cybersecurity

According to a new research report that examines how the cybercrime threat is impacting the mindset of hotel and restaurant patrons, 69% of travelers don’t believe the hotels they stay at are investing enough in cybersecurity and nearly half note their trust in a hotel’s cyber defenses influences if they book a stay with them.

The new report, by Israel-based cybersecurity solution provider Morphisec, surveyed 1,000 consumers, weighted for the U.S. population over the age of 18, to examine how the increasing amount of hospitality cyberattacks and the threat of hackers targeting vulnerable Point-of-Sale (POS) systems within hotels and restaurants is impacting the mindset of consumers.

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Atomize Unveils First-Ever Hotel Revenue Management System Supporting Real-Time Price Optimization

Atomize has announced the launch of the hospitality industry’s first-ever revenue management system (RMS) supporting real-time price optimization. By retrieving and analyzing live market data, Atomize’s RMS can now update a hotel’s room rates in real-time to take advantage of even the slightest changes in the market to maximize a property’s revenue.

To make sure a hotel is not missing out on revenue, room prices need to get updated at the highest frequency possible. Revenue opportunities that used to exist for a matter of days or even hours can be gone in a matter of minutes or even seconds – especially in hyper dynamic cities like New York, London, or Singapore and especially during the final hours of the booking window.

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Research: A Mobile-First Strategy May Not Be The Best Strategy For Driving Hotel Bookings

Since October 2017, Allora, from booking engine solution provider Avvio, has profiled 56 million unique guests. In the process, the company has gained insight from running more than 600,000 AI-based trials which has subsequently led to the adoption of almost 2,000 active learned improvements to benefit hotels in attracting more direct guest bookings. 

One of the key learnings shows that mobile first, which has become a universally accepted assumption into the way consumers search and book hotel rooms, is not a universal truth.

This is markedly shown in U.S. guest behavior where 82% of website bookings for four-star hotels in London are made from a desktop device. There has been little change in the past two years and mobile device bookings are still not seeing growth.

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Cloud5 Communications Announces Recapitalization and New Funding To Expand Hotel Technology Services

Hotel communications solution provider Cloud5 Communications has announced that funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, one of its primary investors, has acquired a majority interest position in the company.

Cloud5’s two world-class business units serve the unique needs of thousands of hotels, from global brands and independents to management companies. Cloud5 Technology Services designs, builds and supports high-performance Internet and voice solutions for hotels committed to offering the best guest connectivity experience. Cloud5 Contact Center is an award-winning voice reservations and agent services provider dedicated to hospitality and serving the full range of operations from economy hotels to the world’s top luxury hotel brand.

In this transaction, Oaktree recapitalized the company and invested additional growth capital to support its continued expansion. Oaktree is majority owned by Brookfield Asset Management Inc., who together have over $500 billion of assets under management. Cloud5 President & CEO Mark Holzberg will continue to lead the Company and serve on its new Board of Directors.

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Hoteliers: Are You Loud Or Silent In The Panic Button Debate?

It seems like out of nowhere, electronic safety devices (ESDs) have gone from aspirational trend to legislated mandate for hotels. But when you think of it, it’s been a long time coming.

For practically the entirety of the twentieth century – since the dawn of modern hospitality – we’ve been putting our team members in perilous situations. As it relates primarily to housekeepers, room attendants and room service servers, we’ve asked countless employees to approach then often enter a stranger’s space by themselves without a direct line of sight and not within earshot of anyone else.

This has been wide-reaching consequences, the worst being putting a team member’s safety at risk, but just the possibility of danger has been enough of a morale depletant over the decades to give certain organizational roles a toxic aura. For instance, I don’t doubt for a second that the horror stories of housekeepers past have deterred many potential hires, thereby contributing to the current staffing problems we presently face.

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VenueBook Partners With Sage Hospitality To Launch Its Free Booking Tool For Event Planners In The Denver Market

VenueBook, the leader in digital event booking known for real-time response and pricing, has launched the Denver market in partnership with Sage Hospitality and Sage Restaurant Group. Denver planners can now discover and book Sage’s hotel and restaurant properties and other high-end venues through VenueBook’s best in class booking platform.

VenueBook is a free booking tool for event planners to research event spaces with transparent pricing and real-time availability. VenueBook’s technology allows planners to communicate directly with event spaces, e-sign contracts and pay online in a secure digital platform.

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With $45 Million Investment, Beekeeper Generates Buzz for Its Hotel Employee Communications Platform

Beekeeper, a mobile-first operational communications platform for non-desk workforces, including blue-collar and service-oriented workers, has raised $45 million in a Series B funding round. The funding comes as Beekeeper accelerates the adoption of its platform, designed for organizations, including major hotel brands like Hilton, Marriott, InterContinental, Hyatt, and many others, with more than 50% of its workforce who are not otherwise connected on email or company devices.

Beekeeper’s solution integrates multiple channels in one secure hub that is accessible by employers and employees from both desktop and mobile devices. The result: A more productive and efficient workforce. Beekeeper positions itself as “Slack for non-desk employees.”

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Yapta Achieves the Gold Standard in Security Management For Its Hotel Price Tracking Services

Yapta, the innovator of airfare and hotel price tracking services, has achieved ISO 27001 certification, validating its comprehensive security strategy and management system in the event of a cyber threat or attack. By building its information security system on the ISO 27001 standard, Yapta ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its data and advances the effectiveness of its information protection measures.

“ISO 27001 is recognized globally as the gold standard for protecting customer data and ensuring sound security management,” said Brandon Evans, Chief Technology Officer at Yapta. “By adhering to this standard, our customers can rest assured that we’ve got a complete security strategy in place and we’re ready to face new threats when they surface.”

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Spotlight Interview: Mark Loyd, President, Jonas Chorum

In June, as reported here, Jonas Hospitality entered the broader PMS competitive arena with the official launch of Jonas Chorum, a suite of next-generation property management solutions designed to provide hotels with everything they need to operate more efficiently and effectively. The President of Jonas Chorum, Mark Loyd, recently shared with us his perspective on technology and the hospitality industry. Starting his technology career in the late 90’s as a software developer for a property management system, Mark quickly worked his way through the ranks and entered his first leadership position in 2000, managing a team of five developers. Twenty years later, having served as COO, CSO, CTO, and now President, Mark leads a team of 120 people that follow his passion and vision in making Jonas Chorum a technology leader in the hospitality industry.

What is your background within both the hospitality and technology industry?
All of my professional experience is related to hospitality technology. I am a computer science major and started as a software developer. I have designed and built software that have powered independent and chain hotels alike, and successfully managed building a next gen PMS with true cloud-based architecture and one of the leading technology platforms in the industry.

What are your thoughts on the state of the hospitality industry?
Hospitality technology has long been considered to be lagging behind other verticals relative to how systems interface/connect/talk to each other, the functional design of business applications, and the technology frameworks and platforms that are used. Technology in the industry is fragmented, but primarily because the industry itself is fairly fragmented. Not all hotels are alike, focus on the same things, or face the same problems. The fact that business at the operations level of hotels varies significantly between hotels requires that supporting systems are similarly varied. Until hotel operations begin to be less specified, applications will remain fragmented and disparate.

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