Animatars are AI digital robot avatars set to change hotel concierge services, forever.

With the ability to speak any language, as well as being able to integrate with existing digital signage or screens, animatars are able to provide a vast amount of information to provide an exceptional, user-friendly,  guest information system. With a perfected voice recognition engine, animatars are able to provide guests with information specific to their hotel stay- including restaurant menus, timetables, places of interest, news, weather, and a lot more.

Animatars are able to be created bespoke for every hotel with unique voices to match and can be fully branded. Best of all, they are able to be connected to any screen of any size in a matter of seconds.

Animatars are multifaceted; unique software combined with the latest AI and chatbot technology designed to support guests, staff, and hoteliers alike. Animatars will bring a previously unchartered dimension to concierge and guest services. The 24 -hour, unlimited nature of the animatars functionality together with an engaging and immersive experience will transform the accessibility of guest services, as well as providing a powerful and exciting experience to all.

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