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More Hotels Embrace Immersive Visuals and Virtual Reality for Groups Sales and Direct Booking

Over the past few years, more hotel brands have experimented with virtual reality technology. Some have offered virtual tours on their websites, or via social media sites like Facebook, using 360 video technology that allows potential guests to look at guestrooms and other parts of the hotel before they book. In most cases, the tours are shot using an omnidirectional camera, resulting in all directions being filmed at once, allowing for a 360-degree field of view that people can navigate.

There are multiple ways of producing 360-degree video content and also multiple ways to view it, including via on head-mounted displays and virtual reality headsets as well as budget alternatives like Google Cardboard. In fact, Google introduced a virtual tour functionality, allowing hotels to “showcase all the details that your customers love” more than six years ago. The functionality failed to reached its potential.

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How Technology Can Help Hotel Facility Managers Reduce Maintenance Costs

From the time a guest makes a reservation, to the time they checkout and leave the facility, hotel executives want to ensure the experience is five-star. There are many factors in making a guest’s stay exemplary which the guest doesn’t even see: the HVAC system working to ensure optimal temperature, the plumber checking to make sure water pressure in each shower is just right, the cleaning staff ensuring each room is spotless.

Keeping facilities in top shape for guests takes careful planning, plenty of time and considerable funds. To cut operational costs, hotel facility managers can make some changes to increase sustainability, streamline processes and alleviate headaches for maintenance staff members. 

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SiteMinder Rolls Out Hotel App Store that Allows Hotels to Discover, Choose and Connect Apps to Their Business Systems

Hotel guest acquisition platform SiteMinder today announced the launch of the Hotel App Store. It is the first marketplace that allows hotels of all sizes to easily discover, choose and connect applications to their business systems for greater guest experiences and revenue.

The unveiling of the product at World Travel Market London is a significant step forward for hotels that have been challenged with changing guest behaviour but have lacked access to technology that keeps them ahead of those trends. Until now, marketplaces have been closed environments for hotels, accessible only by using a marketplace provider’s designated property management system (PMS).

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Spotlight Interview: Allan Nelson, Co-Founder and CEO of For-Sight

For-Sight is a provider of next-generation hotel marketing, CRM and guest engagement solutions. With a passion for technology, Allan Nelson is part owner, founder and board director of For-Sight’s parent, Forth Communication Ltd, and its subsidiary companies. As For-Sight’s CEO, Allan focuses on product strategy and leadership, both internally and externally. This often takes the form of business development and key account management, working with clients, prospects and partners, and also working to help shape the company’s future direction.

For starters, let’s talk about For-Sight Guest Engagement platform capabilities. How does the solution work, what are the benefits, and who are your customers?

With For-Sight Guest Engagement, guest data that the hotel has already gathered becomes actionable data, allowing Marketers to have a personalised digital conversation with guests before, during and after their stay, fuelling loyalty whilst helping to maximise the value of every booking. As a hotel specific Marketing and CRM solution, For-Sight Guest Engagement automates the harvesting of data from the hotel’s PMS and other core transactional hotel systems including restaurant bookings, reputation management, spa and WiFi registration, to name a few, to create a central source of truth for each guest and their journey through every hotel touchpoint.

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Triometric and Juniper Join Forces to Bring Valuable API Business Intelligence to Travel Distributors


Triometric, the leading provider of API traffic monitoring and search intelligence for online travel companies, has announced that it is collaborating with Juniper, a leading booking engine platform and travel service provider headquartered in the travel technology hub of Palma, Mallorca. Both companies have extensive experience in delivering their respective travel technology to large and small travel distributors around the globe.

This collaboration brings together the complementary strengths of Juniper’s comprehensive automated booking engine and Triometric’s proven real-time API analytics platform. Trio is being offered as a value added analytics service to Juniper’s booking environment. This gives travel clients increased visibility into high volumes of complex search data that can be translated into improved revenue opportunities.

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Spotlight Interview: Juan Carlos Abello, Founder and CEO, Nuvola

Hotel technology solution provider Nuvola got its start after its founder and CEO, Juan Carlos Abello, came to see the need for such a company after working in the hotel industry for more than a decade. Abello began his career in the industry shortly after moving back to the United States at the age of 17. He eventually worked in managerial and director of operations roles with leading hotel brands such as Morgans Hotel Group and DoubleTree. He also for a while worked in technology. As director of operations at a technology company in Italy called ZeitGroup, Abello saw the ways in which technology can be used to successfully manage business operations. He combined his passion for the hotel industry with his insight into technology to create a solution that would provide a better and easier way for hotel staff to communicate with each other and with their guests.

Can you tell us a bit about the genesis of Nuvola?

After working across all operational aspects within a hotel for more than a decade, I was able to experience first-hand the shortcomings of the software that was available. There was no solution on the market that streamlined operations through a user-friendly platform, enhanced the guest experience and worked as an intuitive platform to speak to the specific needs of each hotel – so I assembled a team to create one.

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Research: New Smart Decision Guide Benchmarks Best Practices in Hotel Revenue Management

Earlier this quarter, Starfleet Research, the leading provider of best practices IT market research for the hospitality industry, released its long-anticipated 2019 Smart Decision Guide to Hospitality Revenue Management. Now in its fifth edition, this title is widely considered to be the hotel industry’s most authoritative and comprehensive resource on this topic. The new edition is now available for complimentary access.

Previous editions of this popular Smart Decision Guide have been downloaded thousands of times by senior hotel executives, general managers, revenue managers, IT directors and other decision makers seeking to upgrade their revenue management capabilities, helping them implement and maximize the value of next-generation revenue management platform capabilities and strategies. In fact, 94% of hotel executives rated last year’s edition as “valuable” or “very valuable.” The 2019 edition is completely revised, updated and expanded to highlight emerging trends, including an increased focus on the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in automating pricing decisions, and the latest breakthroughs in technology innovation and data integration.

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