1ST Campus tours, a division of International Student Tours, Inc., has selected e-destinaccess, Inc. event management platform technology to support the delivery of campus tour experiences through their meeting and event logistic management technology.

University Campus tours have logistics that are critical to providing young students with an experience that is fruitful and safe. Event Management technology allows effective management of the logistics while maintaining complete visibility for chaperones and administrators.

Robert B. Voelz, President/CEO of International Student Tours, Inc comments on the selection: “We only partner with quality product and service providers. We take pride in providing a quality experi­ence for our travelers through outstanding customer service, detailed travel itineraries, and hassle-free planning and selecting the destin event management technology was a natural selection.

Wayne Beaubien, CEO of e-destinaccess, Inc. shares: Having gone through the college tour and selec­tion process with my own daughters, we understood all of the dynamics of moving students safely and smoothly. Our solution has for a decade been used by hotels to manage their meeting and event de­partments. It was a natural shift to apply the same stringent service requirements to IST’s requests. Ed­ucators, Parents and Students can be assured that they are working with a company whose reputation for excellence in the space has only been enhanced with their adoption of the more comprehensive meeting and event management technology in the space.

IS Tours has been the leader in student travel since 1976, traveling over 500,000 students both do­mestically and abroad. Industry known as a provider of quality experience for travelers. Provider of outstanding customer service, detailed travel itineraries, and hassle-free planning. With over 40 years in the travel industry they have the professional experience to make trips easy and worry free. When you travel with 1ST Campus Tours you know you’re getting the best value and expertise in the industry.

e-destinaccess, Inc. provides the most comprehensive single-entry meeting and event management tool destin™ in the hospitality space and is used by luxury brand hotels that require high efficiency and standardized processes to support the highest level of customer service.

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