Have you ever been paid to test a product? Have you ever earned financial credits while you learned to use a software? This is not something that many modern business owners or professionals can answer in the affirmative. Yet, the recent release of the Hotelogix ACE or Automated Coaching Engine enables hoteliers to earn towards the purchase of their hotel property management software.

What’s ACE?

In brief, it is a version of software that features one-touch enabling of the integrated learning module. Click it on and you can access all of the videos and tutorials for using the software..

Hotelogix ACE is not all about sitting and learning. Instead, it is about performing tasks on the PMS by yourself. The ACE integrated into the Hotelogix PMS is a learn-by-doing initiative. In other words, the training functions can be activated and the lessons, initiated. You will have to follow the “bubbles” that guide you through each specific task.

Canceling a reservation, for example, is a task. The potential buyer would then click on the video tutorial to watch how the task of cancelling a reservation works. At the end of the video tutorial, they are asked to perform the task by themselves. If that cancellation was a “no show,” instead, there are tutorials for that. The point is that you get to actually use the software to see how intuitive and simple it is for front desk and other staff to begin to use, as well.

And the “earning” portion of the “learning”? That comes with each lesson completed before the software is purchased.

For example, let’s say that you wanted to learn how to enter a no-show charge into the system. The Hotelogix PMS allows you to find the individual reservation, indicate it as a no show, enter any relevant details and save the information. That task, when completed, would earn you credit towards the purchase of the software.

Go through all of the tutorials, complete tasks successfully and save hundreds on the purchase of the PMS! As the company announced in 2019, “Carefully thought through, this initiative prompts new users with videos that will walk them through the tasks that can be performed on the PMS. At the end of each video, they will be prompted to perform the task by themselves. Upon successful completion of the task, users will be rewarded with dollar credits that they can redeem when subscribing to a plan.”

The Benefits of Hotelogix ACE

If you are experienced in the world of hotels and the hospitality industry, you might know that it is one with a high rate of turnover where employees are concerned. One of the main reasons that staff will move on is because they are certain there is no growth potential in the position.

Experts say that hoteliers and management can demonstrate their interest in investing in their people by investing in software that is easy to use and helps them to make the best of their time at the front desk or other areas of the hotel.

By taking the training yourself, you’ll see how easy it can be for your teams to enjoy the same experience. You can opt for a training day or even use in-time training sessions that let them learn how to make a booking, do a group reservation, add details, and even mark people as VIPs in real-time, as they do the tasks.

As Travel Daily News reported on this innovation, it “aims to bring more power in the hands of users. This one-of-a-kind initiative will enable hoteliers to explore the system in all its depth before buying – expediting the process of evaluating and investing in a Cloud PMS.”

If you are eager to earn while you learn and get rid of training burden for your staff, explore the Hotelogix software now.

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