There may be turmoil on Capitol Hill and a contentious presidential election up ahead, but travel advisor leaders don’t expect it to put a damper on 2020 sales. They are, however, keeping an eye on the economy and said travel advisors should be extra proactive in keeping clients enthused and confident about travel.

What does an upcoming U.S. presidential election — not to mention what may be a prolonged impeachment process — spell for travel advisor sales? If research from Virtuoso on how the last three presidential elections affected sales is an indicator, it could mean a slowdown in growth.

Despite this, heads of some of the major travel advisor networks and organizations are predicting the year ahead will mirror the record-breaking growth of 2019. The strong economy, plus the fact that consumer travel spending seems to be less affected by geopolitical events than it has in years past, could defy the adage that presidential election years put a damper on business.