Hotelogix, a cloud-based Property Management System provider has been selected as their preferred technology partner by Rivasa Hotels.

Rivasa hotels offer casual budget accommodation in Goa. They were operating their hotels with on-premise hotel PMS. But, the challenges with such a solution are multiple. To move beyond their challenges and to see visible improvements in operations, occupancy, and revenue, Rivasa hotels signed up with Hotelogix PMS for its 3 properties. Soon they added all their properties within a year.

Rivasa hotels witnessed instant results with Hotelogix PMS, like an 11% improvement in occupancy, a 10% increase in revenue.

They also observed improvement in other areas also, like, Online Reputation, efficient centralized reporting and single point monitoring. Rivasa hotels also made good use of real-time reports from the Hotelogix package of many analytical reports. Because of detailed data capture and actionable insights provided by Hotelogix, Rivasa’s team has been able to keep a close watch over their business at the corporate and property level for quick decision making.

Rivasa has gained wider real-time distribution Capabilities because of seamless Hotelogix PMS connectivity with the channel manager.

Ms. Namrata Desai, MD at Rivasa quotedHotelogix cloud PMS is the right solution for us and has enabled Rivasa to scale rapidly. In fact, transition from our from on-premise PMS was hassle-free, which was a major area of concern during our decision making to make this shift. Even for our staff, it was quite easy to get used to the new Cloud PMS”.

She added further that “Hotelogix has helped us with revenue uplift of 10% and savings due to improved operational efficiency and reduced IT overheads. At overall level Hotelogix has enabled Rivasa with the right tools and information to be in total control of our hotel operations”.

Mr. Rathanaraj Livingston, Associate Vice President, South Asia shared his view “After onboarding Hotelogix PMS, Rivasa hotels started experiencing improvement in their overall operations. As a result they observed a continuous growth of 10% revenue very early after getting live with Hotelogix cloud based PMS. We are committed to deliver excellent results with our Enterprise grade solution by transitioning our clients smoothly to cloud and drive their business growth”. 

About Rivasa Hotels

Rivasa hotels offer four different hotel accommodations in Goa. Rivasa Emerald, Rivasa Resort, De Sai Palace, and Rivasa comfort. They offer comfortable and affordable accommodation at a budget price. Rivasa hotels offer all essential hotel amenities and dining along with free Wi-Fi and parking and excellent guest service.

 About Hotelogix

Hotelogix provides a robust cloud-based Hotel PMS that helps hotels to automate and manage their end-to-end operations with ease. It also assists hotels to drive growth, increase revenue and to enhance their online reputation. The PMS is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and thus offers the much-needed stability and security to hoteliers. The company has rich experience in serving global markets with customers in 100 plus countries including North America and Europe.

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