is a newly launched multimedia platform that connects hotel and travel professionals to make informed decisions about technology to future-proof their business. With the launch of the new website and mobile app announced its first round of founding members, a variety of key players of different branches associated with the hotel operations technology space.

‘With the power of like-minded companies and organisations, we are aiming to create industry alliances, along with our founding members serving the interests of hotels, technology companies and universities. With their contribution, we are promoting the creation and distribution of neutral, authentic content to empower training opportunities, better planning of procurement and overall use of technology in our industry’, says founder & managing director Andre Baljeu.

Promising to deliver a regular dose of hotel and travel technology content, B2B Members and B2C Subscribers will benefit from editorials, videos, podcasts and articles – neutral, unbiased and ad-free. The platform can also be accessed on the go via the mobile application, available on iOS and Android.

Registration is free via and individuals can additionally opt for unlimited content access by upgrading their subscription for a nominal monthly fee.

Paid subscribers will

● benefit from 1,500+ hours worth of hotel and travel technology content

● join a community that is built around educational solutions, creating awareness and offering real time insights.

● have a trusted source when wanting to understand ways to future-proof their business

● gain from the power of idea collaboration and best of breed content, curated by influencers and innovators of the industry.

Corporate membership opportunities are available to tech providers, hotel associations and groups, as well as educational institutions. Members benefit from the varying range of informative, real-time industry content, presented across diverse multimedia formats. For more information on memberships, visit

Founding Members:


Cloudbeds is the fastest growing hospitality management suite in the world, providing tools to manage properties of any type and size. Cloudbeds’ award-winning software is trusted by more than 20,000 hotels, hostels, inns, and alternative accommodations in over 155 countries. Cloudbeds helps properties grow revenue and automate their workflows with confidence and ease, while delivering a better experience for guests everywhere. Founded in 2012, Cloudbeds has expanded to over 400 people with local teams in 40 countries, speaking 30 languages.

Great Hotels of the World (GHOTW)
GHOTW is a renowned hotel representation company which provides global hotel sales and marketing services, as well as innovative technology solutions for an exclusive portfolio of some 60 primarily independent hotels and resorts worldwide.

Infrasys, A Shiji Group Brand

Built on over two decades of point of sales experience and thousands of installations, Infrasys cloud POS is one of the most versatile and efficient point of sale systems on the market today. There are more than 7000 restaurants, 5550 hotels and 2000 venue installations that are using Infrasys Point of sales worldwide.


ReviewPro is the world leader of Guest Intelligence solutions, with more than 55,000 hotels in 150 countries, enabling hotels to identify operational and service improvements and effectively manage internal processes to ensure these changes are implemented across the entire organization.

Shiji Group

Shiji Group provides a suite of advanced global technology solutions touching every part of the guest journey; from operational, distribution and payment solutions, to guest engagement, intelligence, and actionable data. Shiji Group today serves over 74,000 hotels, 200,000 restaurants and 600,000 retail outlets.

SiteMinder is a leading guest acquisition platform, ranked among technology pioneers for its smart and simple solutions that put hotels everywhere their guests are. With more than 35,000 hotels, across 160 countries, SiteMinder generates in excess of 100 million reservations worth over US$35 billion in revenue for hotels each year.

Standard Members:


GuestCentric is a leading provider of cloud-based digital marketing software and services that empower independent hotels and small chains to promote their brand, drive direct bookings and connect with customers on all digital platforms.

Concept, A Shiji Group Brand

Concept is one of the leading Golf, Spa and Hotel POS solution providers for luxury hotels around the world. With over 20 years of experience in more than 60 countries, Concept’s robust system is uniquely integrated with hotel property management systems.

Founder Andre Baljeu, together with co-founders Daniel Zelling and David Turnbull –

all travel technology experts themselves – are excited to work with their founding members to discuss, unpack and present fantastic topics in 2020.

Readers can expect topics covering anything from Google’s Influence on Travel and On Property Technology to GDPR Compliance, to name a few.

For Industry, By Industry.


Representing the change needed by the fragmented hotel and travel technology landscape, is a dynamic community of hospitality innovators ranging from hoteliers and hotel owners to industry students and tech providers. With the power of idea collaboration and shared knowledge with key stakeholders, game-changers and industry influencers we aim to be the trusted go-to resource for neutral hospitality technology content. Additionally, the platform allows technology providers to educate about their services promoting sales, marketing, distribution and to build loyalty through the ever growing community.

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