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Hospitality industry has immense opportunities to grow its business. If you’re managing a hotel, as an owner or working as a revenue manager, then you certainly know that seasonality is a major factor in your business. So, hoteliers like you need to have a good understanding of seasonality to increase low season hotel occupancy.

On that note let’s have a look at the various ways and best strategies to increase hotel occupancy as well as revenue during the off-season.

How to determine the off-season?

The first step any hotelier should take in counteracting a slow season is to determine exactly when the downturn starts each year.

● Is it tied to the weather, holidays or other events?OR

● Is there a corresponding slowdown in the social calendar of your locale?

Sketching out the boundaries of your low months will help you determine; what factors are causing it and come up with a plan to fight for it. These may include natural reasons, like temperature and climate as well as institutional reasons, like holidays, events, socioeconomic status, and travel habits.

So, whatever the reason be this, in turn, creates demand fluctuations that affect all finance and labor operations of a hotel.

How to beat the off-season and increase hotel occupancy?

Low seasons can make or break a property, particularly if budgets are already tight. Also, if your hotel is already operating on threadbare profit margins, any significant dip in bookings and revenue can spell disaster.

During such times, all you need to do is, BOOST YOUR MARKETING PLANS. Make sure you do this with some creativity to increase your hotel’s sales during the low season. Also, clever tricks, careful planning, and a bit of pop psychology can bring more guests into your hotel even during the low season.

In addition, a property manager who has plans to maintain its occupancy during low season, can gain profits and stand ahead of its competitors.

Also, many holidayers prefer and actively search for bookings around these times to avoid crowds and high prices. This acts as an advantage for you, to make your hotel as attractive as possible and increase your direct bookings.

Below are some ideas to increase your hotel occupancy during low season:

  1. Increase repeat guests
  2. Run loyalty programs
  3. Use unutilized spaces for different purposes
  4. Organize events
  5. Tie up with local businesses
  6. Run discount offers and promotions
  7. Meet the seasonal requirements
  8. Run remarketing ads in the off-season
  9. Use email marketing
  10. Implement an off-season pricing strategy
  11. Overall, start preparing for this before-hand and be consistent

Furthermore, explore each of these in detail, increase your hotel occupancy, what steps to take, and everything else in our blog from here.

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