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When it comes to a group of hotels, you just can’t ignore the latest technology solutions that are sorely needed to manage the hospitality business, say leading professionals of the hospitality industry. Agreeing with the same piece of advice, Orange Tiger Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. (“OTHPL”) decided to take assistance with the latest technology offered by eZee, the leading hospitality technology provider company.

“It’s been great to have chosen eZee as our technology partner. Like every hotel, we too were in search of the best fit software for our group that would meet the needs of our property. eZee’s consistency in staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technology makes it effortless for hoteliers like us to manage our business with minimal efforts and acquire greater outputs”, says Abhijeet Shrivastava, the CEO of OTHPL.

The hospitality group operates well-recognized brands such as Kyriad,  Mastiff and a few more across India and overseas. Earlier, OHTPL performed its operations on a legacy based system. This acted as a bottleneck for them in terms of their overall reporting and performance. Also, it tremendously hampered their business growth. This was the main reason why they switched to eZee’s cloud-based solution as we offer an all in one integrated software as well as a centralized system.

Aiming to offer unparalleled guest experience, their services are widely celebrated among travelers of all times and types. However, they wanted to set a durable synchronization in and among their hotels, achieving it with eZee’s software without any difficulty. They opted for eZee Absolute – a cloud-based multi-property management system, eZee BurrP!– an on-premise restaurant POS and Critique – an online hotel review management system.

eZee’s end-to-end hotel solutions have benefited OTHPL in the following ways:

1. Integrated technology to manage hotel and in-house restaurant operations of all their properties.

2. Centralized guest database to store and manage guest details centrally. 

3. Consolidated performance reports with detailed insights to devise effective development strategies.

4. One-stop review software to collect, monitor and respond to their online reviews.

“Difficulties of hotel chains like OTHPL are always different than the regular hospitality firms. However, their unique requirements have helped us to put down the minute details of hotel group management and lead us ahead in the journey of perfection. We’ve expanded our limits in offering the solutions that overcome their challenges and also assist them in grooming their practices to manage their hotel chain,” says Snehal Mistry, the Assistant Director of Enterprise Sales at eZee.

Combining fresh techniques with decade-old wisdom of the hospitality industry, eZee thrives to come up with groundbreaking solutions in order to tackle even the trickiest troubles. Apart from that, they also take the complete assurance of unmatched customer services and persistent values that have made them one-of-a-kind in the hospitality industry.

About Orange Tiger Hospitality Private Limited

Orange Tiger Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. operates hotels and clubs across India and overseas. The company is run by thorough professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise. Their keen understanding of the hospitality business and their hands on experience has propelled the organisation to the forefront of the hospitality business. They have established a network of Sales and Marketing offices across the country to meet the growing needs of the hospitality sector. The organization has put in place a robust Operations and IT infrastructure.

About eZee Technosys

Founded in 2006, eZee is one of the very few hospitality technology providers in the world to develop and offer end-to-end hotel and restaurant solutions. eZee also has its regional branch in Malaysia for many years, leading to its established presence in the APAC region. Recently acquired by Yanolja, eZee has a stronghold on R&D and introducing innovations in its solutions to benefit the industry. Today, eZee is the #1 hotel tech provider in India, which is further solidified by 200+ partners and 18,000+ clients in 160+ countries across the globe. For more details, visit our corporate website today.

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