Cornell Center For Hospitality Research

The Center for Hospitality Research and eCornell present a live webcast ‘The Hospitality Industry in Flux: Are E-Commerce Giants Taking Over the Industry?’

Join us on Friday, March 13th at 11 am ET for The Hospitality Industry in Flux: Are E-Commerce Giants Taking Over the Industry?, a live roundtable webcast presented by The Center for Hospitality Research and eCornell. 

The hospital industry has gone through a decade of tumultuous change. With the rise of alternative accommodations and the sudden emergence of e-commerce giants like Airbnb, the status quo has been seriously challenged. And the changes are likely just getting started, as most industry experts expect even more upheaval in the years ahead. To survive and thrive in this new reality, hospitality professionals will need to evolve their business models, adapt to new technologies and as always, make sure that their guests’ experience remains at the heart of everything they do.

In this one-hour session you will: 

  • Discuss the future of lodging space and how the hospitality industry will need to evolve in the coming years
  • Understand the ways in which alternative accommodations and e-commerce platforms are affecting the hospitality industry
  • Learn how the hospitality industry can gain the edge in attracting and retaining guests  
  • Explore the ways technology is impacting hospitality and how the industry can leverage these new technologies to come out on top

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