At 8pm, the number of people who died from COVID 19 in France was officially 91 and the number of confirmed cases was above 4,500.


It’s official, the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced it just before 8pm today: non-essential businesses such as bars, restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs will be closed from midnight.

Hotels are not closed (yet). However, their bar and restaurants are supposed to be closed. French hotel associations have given some advice about breakfast: hotels can serve breakfast tomorrow. They have reminded strict security rules such as distance between people. Louvre Hotels has sent a memo to its franchised & owned French properties: all hotels should stop serving breakfast as a buffet. Instead they can serve in-room breakfast. If in the breakfast room, dishes must be prepared individually with staff complying to strict security rules and plates will have to be filmed individually.

As far as lunch/dinner is concerned for hotel guests, and only for hotel guests, we’re all waiting for official instructions. It looks obvious that the hotel guests will have to be served meals, especially the ones from abroad who can’t get back home. Let’s wait and see…

On Thursday, president Macron announced that all schools would be closed as from Monday March 16. It means that many parents will be unable to work.

The railway company SNCF and metro companies such as RATP in Paris are all reducing the number of trains. Same for planes. It is highly recommended not to be leave home except for specific reasons: go to work, shop some food,… and it is highly recommended to work from home when possible.

We’re entering a terrible few week’s period. The best thing we can do to save ourselves and avoid this virus dispersion is to stay home as much as we can.

Guilain Denisselle

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