In these unprecedented times, many hoteliers are facing the difficult decision of temporarily closing their hotel or modifying the availability of property features such as restaurants and spa services.

Once these decisions have been made, the next step is to communicate the changes to the travel industry and the traveling public.

The following tips will help you communicate any changes to the agency and corporate travel community through the Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

  • The GDS’s do not feature an “Alert” field. These workarounds ensure the information is visible at multiple locations in the shopping/booking path.
  • It is CRITICAL that you set yourself a reminder to reverse these changes once conditions improve and the property or property features reopen.

Local Landmark

This 19 character field is specific to the Sabre GDS and has high visibility in the Sabre Red Workspace. It would be an ideal field to communicate a full closure:


  • Clsd Until May 1st
  • Spa-Dine Temp Clsd
  • Room service only

This field can be found in the Synxis CRS here:
SetUp > Data Management > Location > Local Landmark

  1. Once you have updated the CRS, you will need to complete an update request with the Data Management > Location box selected.
  2. In the blank comments space, please advise the content you added to the field.
  3. Send the update form to

Property Description

The GDS property description is a larger field and it is likely you have enough available space to insert a full statement at the beginning.

Start with a header to draw the eye to text.

—Temporary Closure— XYZ Hotel will temporarily suspend hotel operations until May 1 2020. We made this decision out of an abundance of caution. The health and safety of our guests and employees continue to be our top priority. For guests with reservations that booked directly through a travel agent or corporate booking tool rest assured that your reservation will be automatically canceled and any deposit applied will be refunded. We encourage agencies to cancel these reservations in the GDS as well so all downstream itineraries and reporting systems will remain accurate.

This field can be found in the Synxis CRS here:
Setup > Data Management > Descriptions > Property Description Typical

Rate Description

The rate description field can be used to communicate the closure of key hotel amenities such as restaurants, fitness centers, daily housekeeping, and spa services. Unfortunately, the text would need to be added to every rate available in the GDS channel.

–Important information– the health of our guests and employees is our top priority. Our housekeeping staff will be taking all necessary precautions to fully sanitize each room between guests. To support social distancing we will be discontinuing all spa related services and limiting our dining options to room service.

This field can be found in the Synxis CRS here:

  • SetUp > Rates > Rate Configuration
  • Select a rate plan to edit
  • Select Descriptions
  • Move down to the GDS tab
  • Put the name of the rate plan in the Short Description
  • Place the temporary text in the Long Description
  • Save

Marketing Messages

There are 2 GDS marketing messages available. The Seamless Response is a short message that displays with rate availability in Amadeus, Apollo/Galileo, and Worldspan. The Booking response is a longer message that displays after the reservation has been confirmed. Both of these fields are only visible to agents working in the GDS directly and are best used to communicate the closure of key hotel amenities such as restaurants, fitness centers, daily housekeeping, and spa services


Seamless Response (35 characters, including spaces)

  1. Room Service dining only thru May15
  2. Ltd Property Services through May15

Booking Response (150 characters, including spaces)

The fitness center restaurant and spa are currently closed. Room service will be available from 6am-10pm daily and housekeeping is on request only.

These fields can be found in the Synxis CRS here:
Setup > Channels > GDS > Marketing Messages

Laura Thompson – GDS Optimization Consultant, Sabre Hospitality Solutions

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