Mood affects how you behave and how you behave affects your ability to care for your customer. This prompts the question; “Can you put your mood on hold while caring for your customer?” If so, do you need a Mood Ring to do it? No, not at all…


Ask yourself if you are willing to shift your mood into neutral so you can better understand customer needs? Remember, your customer (your guest), has their own issues to deal with and is put off when your mood is less than happy, welcoming and appreciative.

You need to snap out of your funk when you leave your house. When you arrive at work, walk to the back of your car, open the trunk, and “stuff all your problems inside” then slam the door.

Now you’re free to smile and take on the world.

Here’s 8 tips to help change your mood. When you’re…

Excited – Take deep calming breaths of air

Cranky – Focus on the customer and not yourself

Bored – Focus on the positive aspects of your job and customers

Overwhelmed – Ask other employees for help

Exhausted – Use breaks to rest and restore your energy

Frustrated – Ask co-workers for suggestions on better ways to get tasks done

Sad – Find ways to make your customers smile to cheer yourself up

Shy – Practice ways to professionally meet, greet and assist customers

Now you’re probably saying, “Come on Steve, sure it’s easy for you to tell us to get out of our bad mood but that’s easier said than done”.

Yes, you’re right – but what other choice do you have?

Every business either produces a product, sells a product, markets a product or provides a service. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s our job to ensure we do it with a smile and make the customer our spotlight.

Great service is our goal and a spectacular customer experience is the prize.

So take off your Mood Ring, lock your troubles in the trunk and get to work!

This post is inspired by the “Guest Service Gold” program from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.

This post was originally appeared on the author’s website and is republished here with permission.

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