STAAH, the leading cloud-based technology solutions provider for hospitality industry, has recently taken its first step towards offering local currency payment option for its Malaysian partners. This new and better payment option will help STAAH partners save money on international exchange rates and transfers.

The new payment option through Malaysian Ringgit, not only complements STAAH’s localised services, but is also a testament of the company’s commitment to support Malaysian properties during these difficult times.

Cutting the pain of dealing in international currency and its volatility, Malaysian properties will now be able to pay in their own currency, thereby saving on exchange rates. This payment option is sure to be seen as a better deal by the customers, as they will be able to balance their fixed costs and not be thrown off guard by the fluctuating exchange rates. This move will also help further, in strengthening the company’s partnerships with properties in those markets.

Introducing local currency payments to Malaysia, is an important step forward in our mission to support partners and their businesses. Rolling this new payment option quickly and in such difficult times has been a priority, as we value our relation with all our Malaysian customers and would like to help them save their money,” says Kevin Tatem, Managing Director of STAAH Southeast Asia.

With a great selection of clients in the area and their unflinching support, STAAH looks forward to continue providing excellent solutions and services to the hospitality industry in Malaysia.

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