Event Temple, the world’s fastest growing sales and catering software company, has announced free trials of their software and a new pricing model making it the most transparent and affordable sales and catering system in the hospitality industry.

The platform based pricing was developed to reflect Event Temple’s core values – simple, transparent and scalable. Hotels and venues can choose one of three different packages based on their businesses size and needs: The Basic (starting at $99 per month), The Professional (starting at $199 per month) and The Enterprise (customized pricing). Properties are able to upgrade their packages as they continue to grow over time.

“My goal is to empower sales teams with the tools necessary to successfully contribute to their business. We want teams of all sizes to be able to have the opportunity to use our software to streamline their sales process – whether that be the single owned and operated venue to a multi-property group with sales members all over the world,” said Event Temple CEO Bob Graham.

“The hospitality industry was hit the hardest during the pandemic. As we head into recovery, we understand that hotels and venues might not have the sales volume or budget necessary for our full suite of sales tools but they still need something. They need to prospect, manage their pipeline and have a way to automate some of their admin tasks. They can now get that with our basic platform and, as they grow, they can easily scale up to the next platform.”

Event Temple has also announced it’s free trial program. The trial mitigates a property’s risk of switching systems while allowing potential customers to experience the product first-hand. Preliminary trials ran in June and July resulted in 66% of properties signing annual contracts further demonstrating that hotels and venues are looking for a modern, cloud-based solution to streamline their sales processes.

“You don’t typically buy a car without giving it a test drive,” said Graham, “It should be the same with hotel technology. To my knowledge, we are the only hotel sales and catering software company in the world today offering free trials and showing transparent pricing on our website. I think that says something about the current state of the industry and how we are disrupting the status quo.”

“The reason we don’t typically see free trials in our space is because implementation can be labour intensive and expensive. We’ve worked extremely hard to ensure our software is easy to use and easy to set-up,” continued Graham. “It wasn’t an easy task, but we spent many months working away at it. After running our preliminary trials and getting the results we got, we realized this is exactly what the industry is asking for. We’re excited to have the opportunity for venues and hotels worldwide to try our software and see how they can leverage it to improve their sales flow.”

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in innovation within the hospitality industry. Event Temple quickly identified that hotels and venues are using this slow-down to reassess their technology stacks however they are still cautious when determining whether or not they want to implement new technology. Through transparent pricing and free trials, Event Temple has found a way to support hotels and venues by eliminating all that risk and showing them that the future is here and it’s affordable and accessible.

About Event Temple

Event Temple is a modern, cloud-based Hotel and Venue Sales and Catering software company that provides the industry with an easy to use, integrated solution at an affordable price. Our scalable enterprise software is ideal for hotels with no meeting spaces looking to grow their RevPAR, all the way to entire hotel chains. Event Temple helps drive revenue growth while boosting efficiency and productivity by providing properties with a suite of sales tools including prospecting and lead management, e-proposals and contracts, event management and more, all in a sleek, intuitive platform. Event Temple is the industry’s fastest growing Hotel Sales and Catering CRM built specifically for hotels, with thousands of users in over 21 countries.

For more information about Event Temple’s Hotel Management Software, visit https://www.eventtemple.com or contact Samantha Fabbro at samantha.fabbro[at]eventtemple.com