The hospitality industry is going through unprecedented times. Business has drastically declined due to the current global pandemic. While operations have not been easy, hotel owners and operators are choosing to use this slowdown as an opportunity to reassess their current sales and catering solution. This has resulted in Event Temple, the hospitality industry’s fastest growing Hotel and Venue Sales and Catering software, to see 120% growth as properties are switching from their expensive, server-based system to the affordable, cloud-based solution.

“Hotels and venues are traditionally risk averse when determining whether or not they want to invest in a technical upgrade. They don’t want to lose any business due to transition time or a potential learning curve,” says Bob Graham, Event Temple CEO, “However, the pandemic has put hotels and venues in a vulnerable position. They’re realizing that now is the time to reassess their current tech stack and find solutions that are affordable and accessible.”

“We’re seeing more and more properties interested in switching from their legacy systems to our cloud-based software. They want a modern, cost-effective solution that will help them win future business as the industry shifts into recovery.” Graham continues, “We have clients that have cut their software costs by as much as 85% by making the switch. They can’t believe that they’re able to save that much money without losing any functionality. In most cases, they actually gain functionality and increased integration capabilities too.”

Event Temple, who recently announced their free trials and new pricing model, is an all encompassing system. Sales teams can leverage Event Temple to prospect for new and returning business, automate parts of their sales process, and increase their overall efficiency through features like pipeline management, multiple e-documents with e-signatures, and invoicing in the platform. Users are able to go from a booking to a banquet event order form in less than 2 minutes. Sales teams are able to see how the platform can decrease tedious administrative tasks, allowing them to spend more time building authentic relationships.

“Event Temple has changed my world.” Lisa Palmer from Perfect Hospitality says, “I became more organized and am missing fewer client contact points. During the pandemic, I contacted so many clients that were just happy to talk. Many I would have forgotten and I have found new business with the worst of times.”

Event Temple’s customer-focussed approach inspires the confidence necessary for properties to transition to a new software solution. Their commitment to listening to their current and potential clients has resulted in new product developments like their booking wizard tool and Mews integration further contributing to the company’s continued growth and success.

“Hotels and venues want to work with hospitality tech companies that provide the same level of service expected of them. We’ve been able to listen to their requests and build it out quickly,” explains Graham. “At the end of the day, they want a system that improves their operational efficiency, has a high user adoption within the organization, and simply works. I’m proud to say that Event Temple has done that – we provide sales teams with the tools necessary to be more competitive within the industry without overcomplicating the sales process.”

About Event Temple

Event Temple is a modern, cloud-based Hotel and Venue Sales and Catering software company that provides the industry with an easy to use, integrated solution at an affordable price. Our scalable enterprise software is ideal for hotels with no meeting spaces looking to grow their RevPAR, all the way to entire hotel chains. Event Temple helps drive revenue growth while boosting efficiency and productivity by providing properties with a suite of sales tools including prospecting and lead management, e-proposals and contracts, event management and more, all in a sleek, intuitive platform. Event Temple is the industry’s fastest growing Hotel Sales and Catering CRM built specifically for hotels, with thousands of users in over 21 countries.

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