StayNTouch, a leader in innovation for cloud hotel property management software and contactless check-in/check-out solutions, today released the Ultimate Hotel PMS Buyer’s Guide | 2021  help hotels prioritize the most essential components when evaluating new PMS technology in the year ahead. COVID-19’s cost to the hospitality and travel industries has been lasting and significant hotels need technology partners who are agile in their development mentality to meet the new demands of the post-COVID travel landscape. 

A hotel’s success in 2021 will be determined by their ability to streamline operations, align their core technologies, personalize and enhance the guest journey, and most importantly, respond to new guest demands and market changes accelerated by COVID-19. In order to do this, hoteliers will have to invest in multiple technology platforms to form a flexible and seamlessly integrated technological ecosystem. At the heart of this ecosystem lies the property management system, which manages a hotel’s operations and strategic activities, and provides the foundation of guest and stay data that informs third party platforms. This Ultimate Hotel PMS Buyer’s Guide covers: 

  • Laying the Foundation: Open-APIs, High-Performing Cloud Technology, Data Security
  • Driving Efficiency with Easy to Use PMS Technology
  • Supporting a Lean Staff with Powerful Automation
  • Unlocking Your Hotel’s Revenue Potential
  • Mobility and Contactless Check-In: Creating a Hi-Tech & Hygienic Guest Experience
  • Utilizing Data and Analytics to Gain a 360° View of Your Hotel
  • Reducing Your PMS Total Cost of Ownership
  • Service, Support and Strategic Partnerships

Download the Ultimate Hotel PMS Buyer’s Guide | 2021

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StayNTouch provides a next generation and fully cloud mobile hotel property management system (PMS) that enables hotels to raise service levels, drive revenues, reduce costs, and ultimately captivate their guests. Developed in 2012 as a fully mobile solution, StayNTouch currently powers over 100,000+ hotel rooms globally. Backed by a team of professionals with deep roots in the hospitality industry, StayNTouch is a trusted partner to many of the most forward-thinking hotels, resorts, and casinos in the industry: including Yotel, TWA, First Hotels, Conscious Hotels, Valencia Hotels, Modus hotels and MGM Resorts.

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