The mycloud hospitality platform has a long-standing reputation for innovation. Now, the award-winning company has teamed up Lybra, developer of the real-time, machine learning-based, demand-centric Assistant RMS, to shares its industry insights with hoteliers around the globe. The 5 tips to optimize room rates and boost revenue collections for hoteliers eBook is free to download and available now.

mycloud is determined to make IT painless and affordable for the hospitality industry, the integrated cloud based hotel management software platform is the first available worldwide. A cloud solution makes it easy to offer plug & play convenience with pay-as-you-use terms. Customers eliminate up-front investment in technology and eliminate on-going maintenance & administration effort. And, mycloud team is consistently working to drive down costs to be able to deliver ever greater value to ever more users.

mycloud hospitality platform is rich in features & functions and serve the needs of demanding customers, like multi-unit hospitality enterprises. mycloud has a single aim to deliver unbeatable value to every customer and enable them to offer their customers a superlative guest experience.

Some of the needs already being felt. Example, hotels were already assessing cloud solutions and revenue management tools. There was already some interest in analytics and BI. Hotels have explored self-service applications since long. COVID has focused greater attention and has nudged hospitality businesses into more definitive action. The launch comes at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the global travel industry to its knees. Never have hotels, motels, guest houses and the like needed so desperately to maximize their income. That’s where the new mycloud/Lybra eBook comes in.

The insight-packed publication covers the importance of:

• Property management systems
• Revenue management systems
• Contactless technology for better business performance
• Guest management systems
• Channel management systems

The partners are well placed to share such insights. mycloud, from Prologic First, has built up a global reputation for its complete cloud hotel management software solution, which provides hoteliers with the ability to introduce efficiencies and improve revenues. Its advanced, powerful PMS, centralized reservation system, e-POS solution and myriad other features provide a flexible solution that drives change and efficiency at every turn.

Lybra, meanwhile, has been making waves in the hospitality industry with the company’s pioneering approach to revenue management: using Big Data to provide the most accurate prices, based on real-time market demand.

Lybra’s real-time, machine learning, demand-centric Assistant RMS is a sophisticated, flexible, module-based machine learning revenue management system, which will simplify and automate your property’s daily revenue management operations to boost occupancy, ADR and RevPAR – even in times of depressed demand, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lybra’s Assistant is also the only RMS that provides hoteliers with future flight search data-including departure city and airport, destinations, travel dates, one- or two-way flights, etc. – obtained from a leading metasearch booking site, as a means to determine future demand, accessible directly through the solution’s dashboard.

“During such a difficult social, economic and business trading period that is being experienced globally, we were more than happy to support the initiative by mycloud hospitality to co-produce an ebook with advice to help hoteliers operate more effectively, efficiently and profitably,” said Lybra’s Chief Commercial Officer, Erik Muñoz. “Hoteliers can plan for a technology refresh in a controlled manner, but sometimes change is thrust upon us due to circumstances way beyond our control. The objective in partnering with mycloud hospitality on this ebook is to share our collective experiences in hotel technology, with a particular focus on revenue improvement opportunities and guest experience management.”

Prologic First Vice President – Cloud Solutions, Deepak Chauhan, comments,
“Given the synergies between mycloud and Lybra, and our combined passion for making hoteliers’ lives easier, it was easy for us to click into a very natural partnership arrangement to produce the eBook. We are hoping that 5 tips to optimize room rates and boost revenue collections for hoteliers will furnish hospitality businesses with the knowledge they need to maximize their income sufficiently to survive the pandemic. “

Hoteliers who are juggling fixed costs, perishable inventories and varying levels of demand as a result of the pandemic have an immense amount to contend with. The new eBook from mycloud and Lybra delivers new ideas and practical tips, all freely available. You can download it now to discover more.

mycloud is available to hospitality businesses in the UK, USA, UAE, Philippines, Thailand, India and Singapore. Visit or email [email protected] for further details of the multi-award winning mycloud hospitality platform.

About Lybra (Formerly Lybra.Tech)

Lybra is a leading global hospitality technology company, offering an innovative, machine learning revenue management system (RMS) for the global hospitality industry. Lybra’s Assistant RMS was designed to improve the quality of hoteliers’ lives, by simplifying and automating daily operations to skyrocket their property’s bookings and revenue – even in times of decreased demand, like the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In May 2020, Lybra was acquired by The Zucchetti Group, a leading international technology company offering software, hardware and ITC services to many global sectors, including hospitality, education, transport and logistics, manufacturing, among others. As part of The Zucchetti Group, Lybra is even more well-positioned to offer hotel clients the most accurate pricing suggestions because of the wealth of international market and demand data – compiled by the global hospitality technology companies that are owned by The Zucchetti Group – that is now integrated into the company’s Assistant RMS. To learn more about Lybra, visit