Molton Brown continues its sustainable journey with exciting new initiatives. Staying true to the pioneering values of its founders, the brand remains deeply mindful of its relationship to the earth. The hotel sector is a key channel where they can bring its innovative commitments to the forefront.

Since 1971, Molton Brown has been an icon of unique British style with a conscious care for the world. They work with an eclectic set of perfumers to empower customers and hotel guests with long-lasting, distinctive fragrances they’ll love. Molton Brown are proud to hold a Royal Warrant for the supply of toiletries to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Environmental awareness has always been part of the brand’s roots, as co-founder Caroline Burstein describes: “There was this feeling of care. That’s really been the essence of what Molton Brown stood for and why the products were developed.”

Over the years, Molton Brown have taken an ethical approach with every practice. They were one of the first in the UK to never test on animals since 1971, a groundbreaking concept at the time, and have been certified cruelty free since 2012 by the Leaping Bunny programme.

They are a 100% vegetarian brand and will be vegan by 2022, with 97% of their products already achieving this. Their products have been free from microbeads since 2017, using natural alternatives such as olive stones, black peppercorn and volcanic sand. And they have been paraben-free since 2016.

The brand has participated in the EU’s Green Dot Programme since 2016, complying with packaging waste legislation for the recovery and recycling of packaging waste. Since 2019, their packaging has been 100% FSC certified; this means that the paper used at their facilities is harvested from forests, which is sustainable, responsibly managed, socially beneficial and conscious of the environment.

Taking a lead on sustainable procurement, the majority of palm oil used in their products is already traceable and responsibly sourced; with plans to use 100% sustainably sourced palm oil by the end of 2023. Aso, all their suppliers must be members of SEDEX with up-to-date and acceptable SMETA scores by 2022; ensuring responsible supply chains.

Molton Brown have made their cosmetic products in England since 1971 and commit to this for the future; it means they can uphold the highest quality standards on their doorstep while promoting local and greener manufacturing. The brand is proud to control all of their own sourcing, carbon emissions and waste, allowing them to put into place ambitious actions to preserve the environment. Since 2016, their manufacturing facility in Elsenham has been powered by renewable electricity while 97% of its waste is recycled, with an ambition to reach zero landfill waste by 2025. By this time, the facility will reduce the use of greenhouse gas by 30% per ton of products produced and be net carbon neutral.

Molton Brown are delighted to announce game-changing new hotel programmes to protect and nurture our natural resources.

To reduce waste, the outer packaging of the brand’s luxury hotel accessories has been fully recyclable since February 2020. By the end of 2020, its 300ml Bath, Body and Hand collection bottles will be manufactured in 50% recycled PET, with plans to extend this to smaller sizes in 2021.

The focus of Molton Brown’s eco-friendly efforts for the hotel channel lies in their dispensing programme, which includes single, double and triple dispensers that accommodate full size Bath, Body, Hair Care and Hand collection bottles. Crafted from sophisticated polished chrome and easy to clean, the dispensers can be replenished with 5L refills; considerably lowering plastic use whilst elevating hotel amenities.

As an elegant alternative, the brand also offers 100ml porcelain decanters. Designed with an exquisite apothecary aesthetic and delicately topped with environmentally-conscious tropical wood stoppers, they can be refilled time and time again.

Additionally, the brand is also working on a new luxury dispenser that will greately reduce single-use plastic. This model will launch in early 2021.

CEO Mark Johnson proudly comments: “Driven by our pioneering legacy, our mission is to rewrite the rules of Luxury; putting uncompromising care at the heart of everything we do – be it with our People, our Products or our Places. With these new initiatives, we are leveraging the focus on sustainability which already exists within both the brand’s DNA and our working practices to set Molton Brown apart as a Pioneer in Luxury Sustainable Lifestyles.”